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SEC Filings

ALTRIA GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/01/2018
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range represents a growth rate of 15% to 19% from a 2017 adjusted diluted EPS base of $3.39, which excludes the special items shown in Table 2. Altria’s 2018 guidance reflects investments in focus areas for long-term growth, including innovative product development and launches, regulatory science, brand equity, retail fixtures and future retail concepts.
Altria expects its 2018 full-year adjusted effective tax rate will be in a range of approximately 23% to 24%.
Altria expects capital expenditures in a range of $200 million to $250 million and depreciation and amortization expenses of approximately $210 million.
Altria’s full-year adjusted diluted EPS guidance and full-year forecast for its adjusted effective tax rate exclude the impact of certain income and expense items that management believes are not part of underlying operations. These items may include, for example, loss on early extinguishment of debt, restructuring charges, gain on AB InBev/SABMiller business combination, AB InBev/SABMiller special items, certain tax items, charges associated with tobacco and health litigation items, and resolutions of certain non-participating manufacturer (NPM) adjustment disputes under the Master Settlement Agreement (such dispute resolutions are referred to as NPM Adjustment Items).
Altria’s management cannot estimate on a forward-looking basis the impact of certain income and expense items, including those items noted in the preceding paragraph, on its reported diluted EPS and its reported effective tax rate because these items, which could be significant, may be infrequent, are difficult to predict and may be highly variable. As a result, Altria does not provide a corresponding U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) measure for, or reconciliation to, its adjusted diluted EPS guidance or its adjusted effective tax rate forecast.
The factors described in the Forward-Looking and Cautionary Statements section of this release represent continuing risks to Altria’s forecast.
Altria reports its financial results in accordance with GAAP. Altria’s management reviews operating companies income (OCI), which is defined as operating income before general corporate expenses and amortization of intangibles, to evaluate the performance of, and allocate resources to, the segments. Altria’s management also reviews OCI, operating margins and diluted EPS on an adjusted basis, which excludes certain income and expense items, including those items noted under “2018 Full-Year Guidance” above. Altria’s management does not view any of these special items to be part of Altria’s underlying results as they may be highly variable, may be infrequent, are difficult to predict and can