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SEC Filings

ALTRIA GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/01/2018
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vote or direct the voting of any of the Corporation’s securities, and (g) any material interest of the shareholder and any beneficial owner on whose behalf the proposal is being made, and any Associated Person, in such business. The shareholder shall (1) notify the Corporation of any inaccuracy or change (within two business days of becoming aware of such inaccuracy or change) in any information previously provided to the Corporation pursuant to this Section 6 and (2) promptly update and supplement information previously provided to the Corporation pursuant to this Section 6, if necessary, so that the information provided or required to be provided shall be true and complete (y) as of the voting record date for the annual meeting of shareholders and (z) as of the date that is 10 days prior to the annual meeting of shareholders or any adjournment or postponement thereof, and such update and supplement shall be delivered to the secretary of the Corporation at the Corporation’s principal executive offices. The immediately foregoing provisions shall not be construed to extend any applicable deadlines hereunder, enable a shareholder to change the business proposed for the meeting after the advance notice deadlines hereunder have expired or limit the Corporation’s rights with respect to any inaccuracies or other deficiencies in notices provided by a shareholder. Unless otherwise required by law, if the shareholder (or a qualified representative of the shareholder) does not appear at the meeting of shareholders to present such business, such proposal shall be disregarded and such business shall not be transacted, notwithstanding that the Corporation may have received proxies in respect of such vote.
Notwithstanding anything in the By-Laws to the contrary, no business shall be conducted at an annual meeting except in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Section 6. The chairman of an annual meeting shall, if the facts warrant, determine that the business was not brought before the meeting in accordance with the procedures prescribed by this Section 6. If the chairman should so determine, he or she shall so declare to the meeting, and the business not properly brought before the meeting shall not be transacted. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 6, a shareholder seeking to have a proposal included in the Corporation’s proxy statement shall, in order to do so, comply with the requirements of Regulation 14A under the Exchange Act (including, but not limited to, Rule 14a-8 or its successor provision).
The secretary of the Corporation shall deliver each such shareholder’s notice that has been timely received to the Board of Directors or a committee designated by the Board of Directors for review.

Section 7.    Voting. - A shareholder may vote his or her shares in person or by proxy. Any proxy shall be delivered to the secretary of the meeting or to the inspector of election appointed in accordance with Section 9 hereof at or prior to the time designated by the chairman of the meeting or in the order of business for so delivering such proxies. No proxy shall be valid after eleven months from its date, unless otherwise provided in the proxy. Each holder of record of stock of any class shall, as to all matters in respect of which stock of such class has voting power, be entitled to such vote as is provided in the Articles of Incorporation for each share of stock of such class standing in the holder’s name on the books of the Corporation as of the voting record date for the meeting of shareholders. Unless required by statute or determined by the chairman to be advisable, the vote on any question need not be by ballot. On a vote by ballot, each ballot shall be signed by the shareholder voting or by such shareholder’s proxy, if there be such proxy.

Section 8.    Proxies. - A shareholder or a shareholder’s duly authorized agent or attorney-in-fact may appoint a proxy to vote or otherwise act for the shareholder by signing an appointment form or by an electronic transmission. An electronic transmission shall contain or be accompanied by information from which one can determine that the shareholder, the shareholder’s duly authorized agent or the shareholder’s duly authorized attorney-in-fact authorized the transmission. Any copy, facsimile telecommunication or other reliable reproduction of the writing or transmission created pursuant to this Section 8 may be substituted or used in lieu of the original writing or transmission for any and all purposes for which the