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SEC Filings

ALTRIA GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/01/2018
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be named in the Corporation’s proxy statement as a nominee and to serve as a director if elected; (iv) a copy of the Schedule 14N that has been filed with the SEC as required by Rule 14a-18 under the Exchange Act; (v) a representation that the Eligible Shareholder (A) acquired the Required Shares in the ordinary course of business and not with the intent to change or influence control of the Corporation, and does not presently have such intent, (B) has not nominated and will not nominate for election to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting any person other than the Shareholder Nominee(s) being nominated pursuant to this subsection (d), (C) has not engaged and will not engage in, and has not and will not be, a “participant” in another person’s “solicitation” within the meaning of Rule 14a-1(l) under the Exchange Act, in support of the election of any individual as a director at the annual meeting other than its Shareholder Nominee(s) or a Board Nominee, (D) will not distribute to any shareholder any form of proxy for the annual meeting other than the form distributed by the Corporation, (E) intends to continue to own the Required Shares through the date of the annual meeting, and (F) will provide facts, statements and other information in all communications with the Corporation and its shareholders that are or will be true and correct in all material respects and do not and will not omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; (vi) an undertaking that the Eligible Shareholder agrees to (A) assume all liability stemming from any legal or regulatory violation arising out of the Eligible Shareholder’s communications with the Corporation’s shareholders or out of the information that the Eligible Shareholder provided to the Corporation, (B) indemnify and hold harmless the Corporation and each of its directors, officers and employees individually against any liability, loss or damages in connection with any threatened or pending action, suit or proceeding, whether legal, administrative or investigative, against the Corporation or any of its directors, officers or employees arising out of any nomination submitted by the Eligible Shareholder pursuant to this subsection (d), (C) file with the SEC all soliciting and other materials as required under subdivision (9) of this subsection (d), and (D) comply with all other applicable laws, rules, regulations and listing standards with respect to any solicitation in connection with the annual meeting; and (vii) if the Eligible Shareholder did not submit the name(s) of the Shareholder Nominee(s) to the Nominating, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors for consideration as Board Nominee(s) prior to submitting the Notice, a brief explanation why the Eligible Shareholder elected not to do so. The inspectors of elections shall not give effect to the Eligible Shareholder’s votes with respect to the election of directors if the Eligible Shareholder does not comply with the requirements set forth in subsection (d) of this Section 4.
4.    For purposes of this subsection (d), an Eligible Shareholder shall be deemed to “own” only those outstanding shares of the Corporation’s stock as to which a shareholder who is the Eligible Shareholder or is included in the group that constitutes the Eligible Shareholder possesses both (i) the full voting and investment rights pertaining to the shares and (ii) the full economic interest in (including the opportunity for profit and risk of loss on) such shares; provided that the number of shares calculated in accordance with clauses (i) and (ii) shall not include any shares (x) sold by or on behalf of such shareholder in any transaction that has not been settled or closed, (y) borrowed by or on behalf of such shareholder for any purpose or purchased by such shareholder pursuant to an agreement to resell or (z) subject to any option, warrant, forward contract, swap, contract of sale, other derivative or similar agreement entered into by or on behalf of such shareholder whether any such instrument or agreement is to be settled with shares or with cash based on the notional amount or value of outstanding shares of the Corporation’s stock, in any such case which instrument or agreement has, or is intended to have, the purpose or effect of (1) reducing in any manner, to any extent or at any time in the future, such shareholder’s full right