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ALTRIA GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/01/2018
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Proxy Access Nomination Date and before the date of the applicable annual meeting of shareholders and the Board of Directors resolves to reduce the size of the Board of Directors in connection therewith, the Permitted Number shall be calculated based on the number of directors in office as so reduced. In the event that the number of Shareholder Nominees submitted by Eligible Shareholders pursuant to this subsection (d) exceeds the Permitted Number, each Eligible Shareholder shall select one Shareholder Nominee for inclusion in the Corporation’s proxy materials until the Permitted Number is reached, with the selection going in the order of the amount (largest to smallest) of shares of the Corporation’s stock eligible to vote in the election of directors each Eligible Shareholder disclosed as owned in the written notice of the nomination submitted to the Corporation.  If the Permitted Number is not reached after each Eligible Shareholder has selected one Shareholder Nominee, this selection process shall continue as many times as necessary, following the same order each time, until the Permitted Number is reached.
3.    An Eligible Shareholder must have owned (as defined below) 3% or more of the outstanding shares of the Corporation’s stock eligible to vote in the election of directors continuously for at least three years (the “Required Shares”) as of both the date the Notice is delivered to or mailed and received by the Corporation in accordance with subsection (c) of this Section 4 and the record date for determining shareholders entitled to vote at the annual meeting and must continue to own the Required Shares through the annual meeting date.  For purposes of satisfying the foregoing ownership requirement under this subsection (d), (i) the shares of stock of the Corporation owned by one or more shareholders, or by the person or persons who own shares of the Corporation’s stock and on whose behalf any shareholder is acting, may be aggregated, provided that the number of shareholders and other persons whose ownership of shares is aggregated for such purpose shall not exceed 20, and further provided that the group of shareholders shall have provided to the secretary of the Corporation as a part of providing the Notice a written agreement executed by each of its members designating one of the members as the exclusive member to interact with the Corporation for purposes of this Section 4 on behalf of all members and authorized to act on behalf of all such members with respect to the nomination and matters related thereto, including withdrawal of the nomination, and (ii) a group of funds under common management and investment control shall be treated as one shareholder or person for this purpose.  For the avoidance of doubt, Required Shares will qualify as such if and only if the beneficial owner of such shares as of the date of the Notice has itself individually beneficially owned such shares continuously for the three-year period ending on that date and through the other applicable dates referred to above (in addition to the other applicable requirements being met). Within the time period specified in subsection (c) of this Section 4 for providing the Notice, an Eligible Shareholder must provide the following information in writing to the secretary of the Corporation: (i) the information required to be provided by subsection (c) of this
Section 4 (provided, however, that the Eligible Shareholder shall (A) notify the Corporation of any inaccuracy or change in such information and (B) update and supplement such information as required by subsection (c) of this Section 4 within the time periods specified therein); (ii) one or more written statements from the record holder of the shares (and from each intermediary through which the shares are or have been held during the requisite three-year holding period) verifying that, as of a date within seven calendar days prior to the date the Notice is delivered to the Corporation, the Eligible Shareholder owns, and has owned continuously for the preceding three years, the Required Shares, and the Eligible Shareholder’s agreement to provide, within five business days after the record date for the annual meeting, written statements from the record holder and intermediaries verifying the Eligible Shareholder’s continuous ownership of the Required Shares through the record date; (iii) the written consent of each Shareholder Nominee to