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ALTRIA GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/01/2018
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Corporation at the Corporation’s principal executive offices. The immediately foregoing provisions shall not be construed to extend any applicable deadlines hereunder, enable a shareholder to change the person or persons specified in the notice for election as director after the advance notice deadlines hereunder have expired or limit the Corporation’s rights with respect to any inaccuracies or other deficiencies in notices provided by a shareholder. The secretary of the Corporation shall deliver each shareholder’s notice under this Section 4 that has been timely received to the Board of Directors or a committee designated by the Board of Directors for review. A Board Nominee shall, upon the request of the Board of Directors or any committee designated by the Board of Directors, furnish to the secretary of the Corporation all such information pertaining to such Board Nominee that is required to be set forth in a shareholder’s notice of nomination.

The chairman of the meeting of shareholders shall, if the facts warrant, determine that a nomination was not made in accordance with the procedures prescribed by this Section 4. If the chairman should so determine, he or she shall so declare to the meeting and the defective nomination shall be disregarded. Unless otherwise required by law, if the shareholder (or a qualified representative of the shareholder) does not appear at the meeting of shareholders to nominate the individual set forth in the shareholder’s notice of nomination as a director, such nomination shall be disregarded, notwithstanding that the Corporation may have received proxies in respect of such vote.

(d)    Subject to the terms and conditions of the By-Laws, the Corporation shall include in its proxy statement for any annual meeting of shareholders the name, together with the Required Information (as defined below), of any Shareholder Nominee identified in a timely notice (the “Notice”) that satisfies this Section 4 delivered to or mailed and received by the Corporation in accordance with subsection (c) of this Section 4 by one or more shareholders who at the time the request is delivered satisfy the ownership and other requirements of this subsection (d) (such shareholder or shareholders, and any Associated Person of such shareholder or shareholders, the “Eligible Shareholder”), and who expressly elects as a part of providing the notice required by subsection (c) of this Section 4 to have its nominee included in the Corporation’s proxy materials pursuant to this subsection (d).

1.    For purposes of this subsection (d), the “Required Information” that the Corporation shall include in its proxy statement is (i) the information concerning the Shareholder Nominee and the Eligible Shareholder that, as determined by the Corporation, is required to be disclosed in a proxy statement filed pursuant to the proxy rules of the SEC, and (ii) if the Eligible Shareholder so elects, a Statement (as defined below). For the avoidance of doubt, and notwithstanding anything in the By-Laws to the contrary, the Corporation may in its sole discretion solicit against, and include in the proxy statement its own statements or other information relating to, any Eligible Shareholder and/or Shareholder Nominee, including any information provided to the Corporation with respect to the foregoing.
2.    The number of Shareholder Nominees (including (i) any Shareholder Nominees elected to the Board of Directors at either of the two preceding annual meetings who are standing for reelection plus (ii) any Shareholder Nominees that were submitted by an Eligible Shareholder for inclusion in the Corporation’s proxy materials pursuant to this subsection (d) but either are subsequently withdrawn or that become Board Nominees) appearing in the Corporation’s proxy materials with respect to an annual meeting of shareholders shall not exceed the greater of (A) two Shareholder Nominees and (B) 20% of the number of directors in office as of the last day on which notice of a nomination may be delivered pursuant to subsection (c) of this Section 4 (the “Final Proxy Access Nomination Date”), or if such amount is not a whole number, the closest whole number below 20% (the “Permitted Number”); provided, however, that in the event that one or more vacancies for any reason occurs on the Board of Directors at any time after the Final